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Welcome!  And thanks for stopping by our site. 


How did this all start? 


Well it was many years ago…There was a boy who loved his friends, his family, the outdoors and his camera.  He was happy capturing the moments that involved all the things he loved.  One day though he met a girl, and the story takes a sharp left turn. 


Fast forward a few years, twenty-nine to be exact, and the man woke up again to that old love.  That love of the outdoors and photography.  The girl was still there, but now she was a woman who was happy to share this newly remembered passion.  As, they both enjoyed the opportunities to see the world through a lens together, he began to have sleepless nights.  A dream began to haunt him, and from that dream, DayTrippin was born.  


As the dream began to grow, it also took a different shape.  Why just places or things?  Why not people?  It was then that his passion for landscapes changed, and he now chases a passion to capture people.  To bring authenticity to the moment and capture people as they really are.  To make someone so comfortable that they forget they are in front of a camera, and capture the beauty in their life.  


Here at DayTrippin we take photography seriously.   Ourselves? Not so much!   It is our goal to give you a quality product and an experience that might make you laugh, maybe cry or hopefully a little of both! 

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