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Siblings - Connor andEmma

What! We are going to shoot a brother and sister? Sounds like fun…. Right? Did we mention that they are in that stage? You know, the one where they only “kind” of like each other, as only a brother and sister can do.

So what happened to those two confident kids, that separately were totally comfortable in front of the camera? They became these two awkward robots giving each other strange looks. Ah, siblings!

Getting them to relax a little with us, and each other, was the key. That and a little bit of laughter. We love these two because you can see the natural affection of siblings, but there is also that tension of blossoming independence and a changing relationship.

As a mother of adult children, I told Mom that things would change, it would only be a matter of time. That they will eventually be friends, and when they do, these pictures will bear witness to how far they have come. It will also probably bring some good natured ribbing along with a good laugh when they look back and remember when…..

-Mike and Cheryl

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