Moro Rock - Sequoia National Park

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. John Muir

It had been too long….. We hadn’t gotten out for a while now, and it was starting to show. Too much planning, working, striving…..not enough granite. So we got up early, but not too early, to head to the Sequoias. Since we did not get one of those extra early starts, we talked about just making it a quick trip. Drive into Sequoia National Park, go to Hospital Rock and do a little hike right there close to the entrance to the park.

Driving into the foothills above Visalia, the haze started to lift. The day was perfect, as I took in the blue sky! It didn’t take long, but Mike spotted a hawk making lazy circles just above the highway. We enjoyed the cool air, as we stepped out of the car to watch this beautiful creature glide through the sky. Summer has been hot, like it typically is, but Fall has come and the weather is already reflecting the seasons change. We spotted our first sign and I guess that is where our plans changed.

I have always wanted to go to Moro Rock, a dome shaped piece of granite that can be climbed by a quarter mile trail that climbs up 300 vertical feet. It doesn’t seem like much of a hike, but for me vertical climbs affect me most when hiking. What really put me over the top was when Mike said that if we didn’t go today, we may not have a chance to do it again until Spring. Well, I told my hubby that I was up for it. And it did not disappoint!!

I had one or 2 stops up the many steps, but all along the way, the views were awe inspiring. So much so that I knew I was going to make it to the top. Looking back, it was really pretty easy. There were many others enjoying the scenery with us, and Mike even helped out by taking a few pictures for people. I always love the variety of ages, nationalities and abilities coming out to commune with God’s creation. Being able to see out to the Western divide was a highlight of the day.

When we got back down, we headed further up 198 to the Lodgepole Visitor Center where we grabbed some lunch. At that point we decided to continue down the General’s Highway into Kings Canyon, instead of back down through Sequoia. At this point the General’s Highway between the parks is mellow and an easy ride. In Kings Canyon, you can have a quick look inside the visitor center, grab a snack and head over to Grants Grove to see the General.

From there it was an easy ride down 180, through Fresno, back home to Lemoore. The trip was longer than we had planned, but everything about it was so easy that it was one of the best. If you are ever in the area, head up to these two parks, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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