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A Study in Pink - Stevie Allen

So what happens when you have to play “lighting assistant” to your hubby? Well you score another interview for A Study in Pink. I kind of ambushed Stevie Allen when she was getting some location shots done for promotional use. Mike has known her, along with the other assortment of Allen ladies for a while now, and I just met Stevie for the second time this last week.

As I stood there holding a soft box (a very glamorous job in itself) I watched as Stevie worked up a sweat. She went through a series of poses, many progressively more difficult than I had ever seen. This was not my yoga for beginner’s video, that is for sure! As we got back into the car, I mentioned my blog series and she was more than kind to answer my questions.

For many of us, what we do is not so much a job, but it is more of a journey. Stevie wanted to be an actor, but there was one problem, “I came to hate the industry”, she told me. She was doing theater in San Diego, and taking classes. She loved the craft, but like many, found no money in it. During this time, she was introduced to meditation and yoga, to use as a tool in her acting. As someone who had danced for more than thirteen years, yoga was something that drew her, and she began practicing at home.

Looking for more stable employment, she started working for Fresh & Easy. While she thrived in her work, the corporate world was hard. “I wasn’t taken seriously because I was young,” she said. She again was looking for a new path, when the company itself went out of business. So after trying acting and the corporate world in San Diego, she “finally found something” right here in Hanford.

She saw that the Sojourn Yoga studio was offering a Teacher Certification Program. So in August 2016, she stepped into a new role as student. Since becoming certified, she has now begun teaching at Sojourn, and she loves what she does! “Every day I go to work inspired”, she told me. And while it may have been a roundabout way of getting there, she doesn’t regret any of the trip. Along the way the different jobs have all contributed to the teacher she is today.

“Working in a corporate office gave me the right voice to lead a class,” she told me, and her time as an actor? Well the meditation and acting go hand and hand. And when it came down to taking this new role, she told me, “sometimes you just have to put yourself out there”. We continued to talk, and she was excited even about future possibilities. She envisions ways of using her training including, working as “a traveling yoga instructor or having retreats”. For right now, you can find Stevie in Hanford. For more information, you can check out Facebook and the website for

Sojourn Yoga.

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