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Medina Family Portraits

So how do you say no to more Day of the Dead pictures? You don’t! The Medina girls wanted to get mom and dad into some makeup and we had no objection!

We were greeted by Juan (dad) as the ladies were still getting ready, and made to feel right at home. We promised him that we would get some pictures with him first so that he could get out of the makeup as soon as possible. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he might have actually been enjoying himself! He didn’t take any of the makeup off until after we left.

The ladies soon joined us and we got to work. It wasn’t hard, as the clothes and makeup made the photos striking from the start. Chely’s hat (mom) was very large, and made such a statement! She even went in and did an outfit change later in the evening and wow’d us in a dress, with what looked like embroidered roses down the front. After some pictures of the whole family and then some with just Juan and Chely, (who by the way just celebrated a very special anniversary….Congratulations!) we moved on to the girls.

Sophia, Bela and Paulina made the best models! They each showed their own personalities through their individual makeup, dresses and posing. It is always fun during a shoot to see how three distinct individuals come together to make some amazing pictures!

It was such a privilege to be able to shoot this fun family! The time and effort they took to get everything just right, really made the photos amazing! We loved meeting them, and are impressed with all of the work they put into showcasing their cultural heritage. We are looking forward to seeing them again and enjoying the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration at the Kings Cultural Center in October.

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